Halloween How-To

Usually, when September 1st rolls around, I have Mr. Gray dig my fall boxes out of the attic so I can get a little decor going around here. Unfortunately, this year, the boxes are packed and unobtainable. We got a few pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and Annie found us a replacement flag for the front yard, but we didn’t really have anything for the house.

I don’t usually put Halloween stuff out until October 1st, so I had some time to decide what, if anything, I wanted to do this year.

I hem-hawed around about it a bit and finally decided just to do my favorite little candy decoration and call it done.

It usually takes a trip of two to Target to find the ghost Peeps for this, but Friday’s trip was a success!


We got home and put everything out on the counter so my little helper and I could easily get to it.


We lined the inside of the vase with the ghost Peeps (facing outward).

Line Container

Then we poured the candy corn in, and TA-DA!

Candy Corn & Peeps

Cheap and easy Halloween decor!




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