Candy Corny

If you’ve been around a while, you know I love themes. Last year, we were Franken-Theme-Y. This year, I found some cute candy corn treat bags, and we went with that (although he still wanted to make the FrankenBites from last year; my printer even cooperated–hooray for cute custom bag toppers).

Candy Corn Mix Packaging

We have candy corn cookies,

(I used this frosting; it’s pretty sweet, but it’s good.)

candy corn mix,

Candy Corn Mix
(candy corn, orange M&Ms, yellow M&Ms, white chocolate chips, marshmallow, yellow Froot Loops, orange Froot Loops; mix together and add cute packaging)

and a… um, spider shirt. Yeah, he picked that.

Spider Shirt

I didn’t applique his shirt this year; I found a great tutorial from Merrick’s Art that looked like a perfect alternative since my machine is packed. He chose a spider; I chose googly eyes.

He also requested that I have a shirt to wear.

Surprise Shirt

Any guesses?

One other thing, I know Halloween is actually tomorrow. Baby Gray’s school party is today, so we’re enjoying two fun days instead of just one! 


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