Third Time’s a Charm

Part of my bargaining for last year’s infamous football party was that it would be the last BIG party for a while.

This year, we did a super low-key, but way-fun, painting party for Baby Gray and his friends. We banned ourselves from Pinterest and went to work!


Mr. Gray came up with awesome paintbrush invitations (blurred to protect the addresses of the innocent). I loved every bit of them! The kids enjoyed getting them in the mail, too!


A friend of ours makes the most delicious cookies ever, so I enlisted her for some paint palette cookies (you better believe I ordered enough to have leftovers). All the while, I ransacked T-Paw’s cake recipe (I made the cake; I win at life) and a chocolate buttercream I worked through on my own to recreate Baby Gray’s favorite cupcakes from a little place we go sometimes. Mine weren’t as cute as the originals, but Baby Gray thought they were the same. Plus, they were just as tasty (that’s not even a humblebrag, y’all; it’s a flat out brag on how good they were). Artistic food isn’t really my forte.

Paint Palette Cookies
Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes
Party Food

I ordered little aprons for favors, and Nonna appliqued the kiddos’ first initials on them for me (huge THANK YOU). They turned out so cute! As the kids walked in, I adorned them each with an apron as they set off to pick their masterpiece.

Fun Party
They did such a great job! I can’t wait to see all the finished products!
Painting--Each Other
 Ella Bella
With Pops
Miss E



Baby Gray loved it when it was time to sing Happy Birthday. It always makes me think of his first birthday party when he danced as everyone sang. Sweet boy. Where does the time go?

 Happy Birthday to You

Love that action shot! Blow those candles out!

Blow Em Out

Such a fun party. It was much simpler than anything we’ve done in the past, but Baby Gray and his friends had so much fun!

Party Goers
Other Party Goers
H & E

I still can’t believe he’ll be three on Thursday!

3rd Birthday
The Grays


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