Ten, ten, ten!

I’m not good with the weekly posts, but sometimes I think they’re fun. Like today. I think I’m going with the Tuesday 10 again.

1. It’s Bama week. Battered Aggie Syndrome is setting in a little, but ultimately, I think (cautiously optimistically) we’ve got this.


2. I’m re-branding (just on the blog, not really branding; come on, people) Baby Gray on his birthday. He’ll be three. New name revealed in two weeks! Also, I’m lovin’ the planning sans Pinterest this year. I think I’m going to go Pinterest-free for a while (except to embed stuff). It stretches me!


3. Baby Gray’s mutton bustin’ photos are still trapped in my camera’s SD card. I haven’t tried very hard to rescue them (I’m so bad about photos on my big camera), but I’m ready for them soon. Hopefully I’ll be successful at retrieving them (and promptly purchasing a new SD card so this doesn’t happen again).

4. I’m lovin’ our school groove. I get stuff done, Baby Gray has a great time; it’s a win-win! I think I’m going to run out of lunch ideas quickly, though. (What do you pack for your kiddos?)

5. I love selling stuff! Not quite as much as I love buying stuff, but I do. I love to sell stuff. It’s free money! Who doesn’t like free money? And who doesn’t have junk they don’t need?

6. I’m ready for soup! Come on, fall! (Like it really gets cool enough in our “fall” for soup.)

7. I think I’m addicted to sales on Instagram. Drop in your PayPal email, forget you bought it, and BAM! something awesome shows up at your door for your future self. Sometimes I really, really forget I bought something, then I check the package carefully for anthrax or bombs before opening. (Apparently I’m a high-profile target.)

8. Some of the staff ladies from Rev went to an event last night that was 70s themed. I managed to get all a full outfit out of things I already had (all my costume and entertaining stuff is packed, so I had a slight disadvantage). I didn’t spend a dime! I was pretty proud of my hippie self!

9. It’s fun when you’re friends with your realtor. You can be a crazy person sans judgment.


10. Only FOUR days remain until the Bama game! I still can’t believe we didn’t go to Tuscaloosa last year.

Get pumped up!

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