Get the Flow

When we were in College Station, there was a yoga class on Friday mornings on campus that I loved. I haven’t been able to be consistent since then because I can rarely make the class times or some other excuse. Sometimes I flat out don’t like the class or instructor.

Part of yoga for me is the quiet and the music, so I was hesitant to try to do it at home. However, I’ve had enough time after my runs to incorporate some stretching (I won’t do it for as long if I just call it stretching) and I found this little jewel on YouTube that’s enough stretch in just enough time to finish my cool down.

She uses more yoga terms than other instructors I’ve had, and her voice has a strange inflection sometimes, but it’s a quick little flow that helps me stretch out and cool down before I go on about my day. (I also like that it’s brief enough to do when I have a few minutes on any morning.)

Do you have a yoga or Pilates video you like? 

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