Have You Forgotten?

I didn’t even realize the date yesterday when I sat down to write.

New York City is one of my favorite cities–eh, it’s actually my favorite city–and in August, on our way back from Montreal, we flew into Newark. Flying into Newark is always on of my favorite things because there is a full view of the New York skyline. I immediately noticed it was different, but I didn’t know why. Our group got to talking and realized it was the 9-11 memorial.

My typical airport shot.

I have never been to a pre-2001 New York City. I’ve only seen photos of the skyline. I’ve only heard stories of the destruction. I’ve only seen second-hand the country band together to help. I had no idea the impact the crashes into the towers would have on the rest of my life. On the way we lives our lives, collectively, in America. As I reflect as an adult, it makes me proud to be from such a country. 

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