Blast Off for Birthday Fun!

My little astronaut and headed out yesterday evening for a birthday date.


He got ready for blast off, and away we went!

Blast Off

We had a few caps and hats in between, but ultimately, the ice cream man enjoyed his birthday doughnut (sprinkles first and last thing–sounds like a birthday to me).

Krispy Kreme

After his doughnut, the ice cream man and I headed to Target.


He quickly turned into a super dino–or three!

Super Dino
Super Orange
Super Combo

We had such a blast; just the simplest things make for a great evening with him.

(And, yes, he was totally that kid in Target. To top it off, though, he asks everyone we pass if they like his outfit. I love to see strangers’ faces as they figure out what to say to him.) 

(Also, the bolded things are his thoughts; not mine.)

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