Start of Something New

Baby Gray met his teacher yesterday. He got to explore his classroom, play with the toys, and talk to his new friends. I loved watching him interact with the children he had never met before. We practice introducing himself often, and I got to see him employ it several times. I love the little person he is becoming!

Happy House
Disclaimer: not actually a photo from meeting his teacher; I’m that mom who forgot to take a photo. 

I remember not so long ago when I was in that same classroom. I’m pretty certain it’s the room where Auntie Heather came in as the “new girl” and I was her special friend. We see where that’s gone. Not to mention, Mr. Gray, LC, and countless others went there as well. I’m excited about the possibilities of some lifelong, lasting friends for our boy. I can’t wait to watch him grow and learn this year!

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