City Slicker

Boot shopping and the Fourth of July make for some good photos.

This boy was dead set on coming home with some red gator boots. No dice.

Red Boots
Yes, he was boot shopping in athletic pants. What can I say? He generally chooses his own clothes.

I laughed as we looked like a bunch of city slickers walking out of the store with new boots, a plastic hat, and another stick horse. You’d never know we’re an ag family with that kind of shopping.


Luckily, with our new duds came our very own version of The Naked Cowboy. NYC, anyone?

Naked Cowboy

We also had a Target run that ended in some Fourth of July shades and BYOH for Shooby’s party.


A little dress up at the shop with Miss Courtney, and he was finally tuckered out enough to head home.


He was set for the Fourth.


Have a fashionable weekend!

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