Empty Handed

Back in the days before internet on our phones, when I was just a small-town country bumpkin, I was planning a wedding. Not like I’ve planned weddings lately, but my own. Sans Pinterest (thank goodness; I say that in all sincerity).

I was cruising along picking up some last minute items, and I happened upon a Costco (this was before they were as well-known as they are now). I knew it was a Sam’s-like establishment, but that was about all I knew. In I went. I loaded up my basket with all sorts of items for the wedding.


As I rolled through the checkout, they asked me for my card. Um, do what? No one asked for a card when I walked in. No one asked for anything. So, there I am in the checkout line with a basket full of wedding stuff and no Costco card. My options were pay for a membership or leave empty handed. I decided to just pay for the membership. Denied! Cash or check only. This was also back in the day before Dave Ramsey was big, so I was a member of the plastic brigade. Not to mention, I was a 21 year old college graduate with no job, so carrying that much cash was not even on my radar.

Out the door I went, empty handed. Ne’er to return.

Well, I did return, last week. I was much more prepared.


  1. I LOVE Costco 🙂 And yes, sometimes the cash only thing is hard but since I'm pretty addicted to shopping there it's probably a great thing they don't take credit, hahah….

    ((And I totally agree—planning a wedding with Pinterest would've been so much more stressful, I could only rely on the experiences of friend's weddings and those giant bridal magazines for ideas!)).

  2. We don't use credit now, so it wouldn't matter. Back in the day, though, my parents were paying for the wedding all in one place. I didn't have that kind of money; I was a baby.

    My biggest gripe about Pinterest is I like for things to be my original ideas. I loved my wedding–I wouldn't have changed a thing!

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