Uno Pig

Our second trip to the library was not nearly as happy as our first. See, on the second trip to the library, books are returned. This wasn’t exactly what Baby Gray had in mind.

Once he figured out it was like a mail drop, though. he was perfectly fine with it. In fact, I’m surprised books were all that he dropped. 


And, just like with the mail, he had to make sure the books were secure down there.

Where Did It Go

We headed back to the children’s room, and once again, he was in awe. He seems to be drawn to the Spanish books for some reason.


He brought me one about pigs, and when I told him I couldn’t read it because it was in Spanish, he said, “I can!” He opened it up, pointed to a pig and said, “Uno pig,” pointed to another and said, “uno pig.” Closed it up and looked pleased. And that, my friends, is how you read in Spanish.


  1. Oh poor thing–it's so hard for little ones to understand the concepts of borrowing and keeping 🙂

    Love spending time in the library with the kids!

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