Gettin’ There

We are right in the throes of potty training (rest assured, it isn’t as bad as throes implies–I just really like that word). Hence, all the naked photos of my child lately.


A few things I never really thought about until these last few days:

  • It is easier to let him be sans clothes than to forget he doesn’t have on a diaper until there is a mess to clean up
  • A cold shower teaches more than I ever could
  • It requires more gear to have a potty training child than a kid in diapers (extra clothes, a mini-potty in the back of the car for those times getting to a restroom isn’t possible, M&Ms for rewards, hand sanitizer, etc, etc, etc)
  • It takes a lot longer to get a kid of out of the house when he’s not in diapers
  • Car trips take much longer with toddler-bladder-timed stops
  • I’ve been in more public bathrooms in the past three days than the past three years (no, really)
  • Little explorers want to touch all the new, cool things in every public bathroom


  1. Glad to see we are not the only ones in the "throes" of potty training. Tinsley does pretty good in the mornings and at night, but has issues during the day. She gets busy and doesn't seem to want to take the time to potty. I seriously think it is easier to have her in diapers most days. Toby has been anxious for me to get her potty trained, but it is so much easier to go places and not have to worry about accidents and finding a clean restroom. Baby Gray is too cute- he looks so grown up with his hair cut. Time is flying so quickly!

  2. He has really been doing such a great job. We traveled several days this week, and he didn't have any accidents or anything–I'm pretty impressed!

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