Pack it Up!

As I’ve mentioned, this was a week of preparing and packing as we got ready for Mr. Gray to head out yesterday. Baby Gray didn’t mind that this required a few trips to Academy!


(We actually stopped by Academy after we dropped Mr. Gray off as well, and much to Baby Gray’s surprise, they had maroon helmets! It wasn’t 100 percent satisfaction, though, because the maroon helmets didn’t have masks.) 


While we were out gathering gear, we found a perfect stool for Baby Gray’s bathroom, too! I think he likes it.


You wouldn’t buy something before you tried it, would you?


While we packed for the Ukraine, we discovered Mr. Gray’s safety goggles from Moore. Baby Gray was lovin’ ’em!

Safety Goggles

Plus, there were the fun hats Aunt Carrie brought for the photo booth last Friday!

Grad Party


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