The One About the Easter Bunny in the Grave

What a wonderful weekend filled with walks, a wedding, old friends, a risen Savior, and Easter fun! 


Luckily the Easter bunny pulled off a pretty good drop, despite the fact that I had accidentally packed all the Easter stuff (not that the Easter bunny is dependent on me, of course).

Bunny Drop
Bunny Loot

Baby Gray loved the Egg Grab at church. All he could talk about was the Easter egg hunt. Well, that and how the Easter bunny with the big head on top came out of the grave with Jesus. I’m not sure we did a good job of separating the two this year. Oops!

Egg Grab

Mr. Gray and Baby Gray continued on to Easter lunch after this; unfortunately, I was under the weather, so they had to drop me off at home. Baby Gray came home with more baskets and goodies. I think he ate candy all day. What’s not to love about that?

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