Fashion Friday, Good Friday Style

T-Paw has a lunch spot. Like, an actual table and chair in a restaurant in our hometown that no one else will sit in even when he’s not there–except for one of us if we know he’s not coming.

T-Paw’s lunch spot is way up high on Baby Gray’s list of favorite places. He walks in like he owns the place, talks to everyone, gets kisses from all the ladies, and then finds his seat right near T-Paw for some lunch. He has pretty much everyone in the joint wrapped around his finger. A while back he went through a “money pig” phase, and he’d come home with donations for his piggy bank after lunch!

Imagine his delight a few weeks ago when a friend’s daughter walked in wearing some bunny ears. He thought it was awesome. What could make it better? Bunny ears of his own: she gave them to him! He was lovin’ it!


But, it got even better. He then proceeded to ask everyone to wear them, and they did!


Special thanks to our Fashion Friday guest stars! I bet T, L, and Miss A are glad they weren’t at lunch that day!

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