I’m a Pepper

Once upon a time, while shopping too much, we happened upon the best group of friends we could have hoped for in our young, married lives.

We started with only one kiddo in the group, but we’ve grown to tons of kids and we’re all gradually getting a little older, too. Some say it’s inevitable. We’re celebrating thirtieth birthdays a little too often for my liking (it means mine is approaching), and we had another one yesterday. In true Swihart style, it was Dr Pepper-themed, and we all got I’m a Pepper shirts to wear for his arrival.

I left last night with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I am so grateful for this group of friends. It doesn’t matter that we don’t see each other once a week for Heart Group anymore. We are still friends. We are still surrounded by a support system that some people will never know. Prayers of thanks just kept coming last night as I reflected. God truly surrounds us with people for reasons, seasons, or a lifetime, and these guys are lifers.


I see fortieth and fiftieth birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and children’s graduations together, even though they’ll all seem to come too soon.



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