Sometimes the best things are the tiniest things: 
  • Like ice cream on the river (even when it’s cool out) 
  • Or having a conversation with your son and being able to forget he’s two
  • Or never wanting to forget he’s two because the moments tick by too quickly as it is 
  • Or watching him grow and learn with each new experience he has
  • Or seeing his face light up at the sight of his white shirt in a black light 
  • Or that face he makes when riding in an elevator 
  • Or when he looks up and says, “I like you, Mom.”
  • Or the times he says, “I have the sweetest Daddy.” (Yes, yes you do.) 
  • Or sneaking away to cuddle your best friend’s baby without your baby so you can truly soak her up and enjoy her and all the newborn memories that come flooding back each time you hold a new baby
  • Or the way a day of running errands, tons of driving, and too much to do turned into a day full of simple blessings 
Ice Cream

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