Cotton Bowl Classics

It seems fitting that on this Cotton Bowl Friday (BTHO OU) our fashionable post features football looks designed by our very own, Baby Gray. 

If it’s not used for playing football, he’ll just find a way to make it so. 

Such is the case with almost everything Baby Gray owns. If it goes on your head or across your chin, it’s a helmet. If it goes on you chest or back, it’s a jersey. Just make it work–somehow–into the football realm.  Then be sure you get tackled. 


Also, a cape is not really always a cape, but usually a helmet. Just to clarify. 


Not sure what football purpose this ear warmer serves, but he was lovin’ it Christmas Eve. He even phoned a friend or two via Reveille.


Ear Muffs

And, yes, he really puts all this on himself (or asks us to if he can’t actually do it) and describes it.


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