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I feel like lately I’ve been chronicling or lives and doing less talking from the heart. While I’m sure our lives are oh-so-exciting, I do want to share a bit. 

A while back, someone told my mom that they don’t always read what I write, but when they do, they always come away feeling like I’ve got it all together. Then, shortly after, a close friend of mine (as we were dying laughing at something else I had done) said I needed to start including some of the funny in my writing because without it, it just looks like I have it all together.

While I would love to have it all together, I can assure you, no matter what I write, I do not. 


I think I sometimes get so caught up in making sure the memories are here for Baby Gray (and, who am I kidding? He’s a boy and probably won’t care) that I forget to include the parts where God’s grace–along with some friendship and laughter–is truly what gets us through. I don’t always include the parts where my temper got short and I snapped at my son or husband. I don’t always include the parts where I put myself out there in my writing, and a friend who knows me well enough to know I won’t let her help if she just asks to help disguises it as something she likes to do so I’ll let her bail me out so we’d all have less stress (anyone else out of breath on that one?). I don’t always include the really good ideas I have that Mr. Gray essentially ends up doing for me because I’ve got too much going on and I’m a globby spray painter. That’s all just in the last two or three weeks. 

Oh, or there’s the time I was supposed to cue the music at the end of our friends’ wedding ceremony. Yeah, not a good one to goof.

Brz Wedding

I’m going to start adding in the real-life-don’t-always-have-it-all-together parts. That’s part of our story. That’s part of who we are. Most importantly, it’s the grace that we’ve been given that catches us when we’re not always the best person we can be. When we stumble and fall, it’s grace that picks us back up.


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