Christmas, The Recap

Ahhh, Christmas. 

We had such a fabulous time (minus the part where I insisted we complete our Christmas Eve traditions with a really tired boy; just wait for the photos) celebrating and spending time with family throughout the Christmas season.  

As usual, we kicked things off with the Tinsley family, and we had a blast! Aunt Carrie brought some rockin’ gifts, Baby Gray was more than excited to see Mr. Mischief and WBT, and Santa brought marshmallow guns for everyone! We forgot to take our annual family photos, but I guess that’s just an excuse to get everyone together again sooner than later! 






We headed to Revolution for a Rockin’ Christmas Eve’s Eve! Santa stopped by, and, once again, Baby Gray wasn’t scared! 


Next up was our Gray Christmas, which was a little scarce due to illnesses all around. We made the best of it, and Baby Gray certainly didn’t miss a beat. 



Ear Muffs

Until he did. 

Sad Boy

Poor baby was so tired he didn’t want to leave. He crashed on the way home, but then I insisted we get things ready for Santa when we got home. He was not in love with that idea. We made it through, though, and the photos are funny. It’s all good–even the fact that he didn’t wear his Christmas Eve gift pajamas, which is part of why I made him do the whole rigamarole.



Sad Baby


We woke up to family time and room-temperature food (I started cooking way too early) with a tree full of presents that LC wrapped (because she’s the best) to save me some time. 



It was a fabulous morning. 

Side note: we looked really cute and matchy-match in our red plaid, but I didn’t have anyone take a photo of us, so no one will ever know how cute we truly were. 




All Done

Baby Gray took a nap while Mr. Gray and I got things ready to go to Aunt Cookie’s. We ate good food and sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus. Baby Gray ate all the cookies he could handle, and finished off the Chex Mix to boot. 

Baby Jesus

Jesus Cake

Gift Thief
I love when he dresses himself; notice the boots on the wrong feet.

We finished our celebrating with sleeping boys on the car ride home, the way we so often do. It was a wonderful season celebrating Christ’s birth and making memories with family.

Night, Boys

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