The Sights! The Sounds!

The Christmas season is officially underway with our trek to Sights & Sounds (look how much the kids have grown!). Our group dwindled a little again this year, but the kids enjoyed it. And, of course, there were biscuits. Sort of. Once we found them. They did some rearranging on us!


The boy had a blast with Shooby on the carousel. It was super fast, but Bean was able to capture some fun shots since she was on with them. 


We played in the snow for a while; the lights were gorgeous, too. Baby Gray is going to have no idea what actual snow is due to all these central Texas fakes. 


Our tiny group took our annual Sights & Sounds group photo, but, unfortunately my autofocus was turned off on my lens. I had no idea, and the guy who took the photo for us certainly didn’t know. Oh well. Live and learn. You can tell we were there.


We have driven by the grounds several times since, and Baby Gray shouts, “Sights & Sounds!” I think he liked it.

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