He is Good

We returned from our final Christmas celebration last night. Gifts are slowly being put away, and our routine is easing back toward normal. We all slept soundly in our own beds last night, with the comfortable noise of the sound machine lulling us all to sleep.

Despite all that, I just can’t help but feel that jumbled word-vomit-into-my-journal feeling again. It’s like someone took the emotion knob and cranked it to high. I’ve got thoughts and feelings that just need a way to escape, and the tip of my pen seems to be the only solution. 


I keep clinging to the same promises, and they’re still good. They haven’t returned void. They won’t. I’m glad God is so much bigger than emotions–that He’s big enough for anything I might be feeling. That he knows my inmost thoughts and cares about the details. I’m glad He has abundantly blessed us. That no matter what the circumstances, He is good; He takes care of all His children. 

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. –Psalm 139:13

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