Where You Are

A couple of weekends ago, Brian Head Welch, one of the founders of Korn spoke at our church. He has an amazing and life-changing testimony. 


Not only that, but this man was so gracious and loving when doing the meet and greets. I have never seen such a thing. I was at the exit door both services for every person who came through so have their photo taken and get things signed. He listened and spoke to each person with such love and care. He is truly living and loving people for Christ.

The weekend had many neat stories wrapped up in it as well. One lady who attends our church had gotten high with him backstage at a concert many years ago. She was able to meet and talk with him again–this time in prayer. I love it! 

Another guy, who didn’t attend our church, was waiting outside the exit door. He looked like he was maybe waiting for Brian to come out that way after he was done meeting with everyone. I struck up a conversation with him as he waited. He used to be a driver for him when he was in Korn. He is now a worship pastor in San Antonio, and he and Brian catch up when their paths cross. He also shared with me many of the other folks they used to hang with who have also come to Christ. 

I love that we are part of a church that challenges people. That allows them to grow in their faith–right where they are. I have grown so much through Revolution. Our family has grown, and our lives have been transformed. I love that we’ll go out on a limb for that; that we’ll reach people no one is reaching by doing things others aren’t doing. It’s not about smoke and mirrors; it’s not a dog and pony show. It’s meeting people where they are. 

Listen to Head’s message at Revolution, or go see him on November 18th at Uncommon in Austin!


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