Stitched Up

Oh, those mornings where everything is going great… until one thing tips the domino and everything starts going askew! Well, a few weeks ago, we had several of those mornings in a row. All would be fine until I’d go in to get Baby Gray out of his bed. Simply going to get him turned into washing sheets, washing jammers, and often needing a quick bath. Houdini here was escaping from his diaper. Not all the way, though. No, not enough that I could see it on the monitor; just enough that it was creating disaster secretly!

I consulted Google and some other boy mamas to see what my next course of action should be. Onesies, they all suggested. No problem. In the meantime, I just put him in some zippered, footie pajamas. I wasn’t out of his room five seconds when I checked the monitor to see that he had completely unzipped it and was quickly on the way to inching out of the diaper again. Off went the feet–of the footie pajamas, that is.


He was then able to wear them backwards, where the zipper is out of reach. We only had a few of those, though, and I hated to buy new ones to cut up. I started a search for extremely large onesies, but to no avail.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

I grabbed a few of his two piece sets and my sewing machine. Nine million spools of bobbin thread later and voila!


HAHA! I was cracking up–who does that?

Add a seam-ripper to the mix and finally get rolling, and then (really this time) voila!

Stitched Up

I stitched the top and bottom of the pajamas together at the waist, leaving an opening in the back. It’s easiest to put the top on first and then stick his feet in. He can’t get his hand in, I didn’t spend any money, no jammers go to waste, and I can quit washing sheets on a daily basis. We all win! 

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