What’s Dove Got to do–Got to do–With It?

Dry skin? I have it. It’s sensitive, too. Which is sometimes a problem. The dermatologist (and The Pioneer Woman–separately, of course) suggested Cetaphil. It’s expensive, but it was working. No breakouts, no nothing! 

After a few months, though, I could tell my skin was drying out. Yuck. 

I polled a few friends, a couple mentioned that they used plain ol’ plain Jane Dove bars. YES! I used to use them, and my skin was fabulous. So, the next time I was at the store, I picked a couple up. 


Guess what? They are great. My skin isn’t breaking out. It isn’t dry. Not scaly. Nothing. It’s lovely.

This is not a sponsored post; Dove does not have a clue who I am. I only shared an affiliate link because I didn’t have a box to take a photo of.

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