Geaux-ing to the Chapel

Our game weekends have been a little rushed lately, with this crazy season we’re in. This weekend, though, we got to slow down a little. 

Mr. Gray had a fraternity event Friday night, so we went to College Station earlier than we usually do. Plus, Mr. Gray was cooking brisket for Saturday’s supper, so we needed plenty of time for the meat

After the event, we headed out for a dessert date, and about the time my dessert made it to the table, I remembered Von Miller was going to be at Yell. We had just enough time to eat and run in order to make it. It was packed when we got there, but I spotted Von and did a few ninja moves to make it down to snap a photo.


I can’t even remember the last time Mr. Gray and I were at Yell at Kyle. I love it–and this time, we spotted a Corps guys proposing. Wow! 


With our game starting at 11:00 this week, the pumpkin muffins I made were perfect for our brunch-type tailgate. It was Baby Gray’s first real tailgate experience (he doesn’t remember last year, and it was raining at the only other game he’d been to this year), and I have to say, he loved it. 


What he didn’t realize was that all he did was tailgate this week. He stayed with Aunt Charlie and played while we went to the game. 


Baby Gray found all sorts of friends to play football with, bounced in the bounce house, ate, and watched the game on TV. He was lovin’ life. 


I’m pretty sure he never even noticed we were gone.

It was an exciting game with great stats, but the Ags just couldn’t pull it off in the end. We did witness another proposal at half-time, though, so that was kind of fun. It was the whole big Corps production-type proposal. I had never seen one in real life. Not my style, but super cool nonetheless. 
Lots of Aggies in love this weekend!

We tailgated a while and then headed back to the house in time for supper, but this little boy just couldn’t hang on any longer. He was worn smooth out. 


Game days are just too much fun for little boys.

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