Order Up

To say Baby Gray likes The Jumpy Place is a bit of an understatement. He always has such a blast. It is a safe place that is set up for little ones to be able to run, play, and be successful (of course, by run and play, I meant read a magazine or three). 


I love that he is starting to branch out and become more independent while we’re there. He got into some bounce houses on his own, he played with his friends, he turned it into a water park drank from the water fountain, and he even tried to order his own snack! 

Jumping Bean 

Basket o' Balls 

Water Fountain

Order Up

The lady who works there is always super sweet, and she is great with the kids. I’m so glad a place like this exists–I just wish I had thought of it!

Also, note to moms: apparently orange is the color to wear in order to spot your child. Let’s all coordinate that again next visit. 

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