Rational Rationale

Once there was a quiet little family of three. The matriarch of the family was extremely rational in her thinking, never assuming that an unanswered phone meant a car wreck had left her beloved husband injured in a ditch. Such an event certainly never meant incessant calling until her husband could assure her he was, in fact, alive and well. 
Then came one night, in the middle of a tumultuous week, when the lovely bride completely lost it. Her husband had gone out for a run along his usual path, the school that is less than a hundred yards from their front door. It was dark. It had been a tumultuous week. The baby was in bed. The house was quiet. It had been a tumultuous week. Her husband seemed as though he would never return. She watched out the window for his shadow making the loop around the school. Nothing. She sent a text (because that is definitely the easiest form of communication for those who are running in the dark with their phone in an arm band). Nothing. She called. A breathy answer, “I’m fine.” 
Her fears subsided for a bit. She checked the window again. Nothing. Then she remembered a secret an unnamed, also rational friend had told her: use the Find My iPhone function. She did. She watched the little dot “run” across the screen. Peace of mind. 
Her long overdue husband came home. They lived happily ever after.

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