Nap in a Cap

Sometimes I’m not sure where this kid comes up with this stuff. He had a little help from stylists Bean, Shooby, and Little C this week, but, other than that, it’s all him. 
He was lovin’ the hair drawer that Shooby shared with him Saturday. No better way to get your game face on that to add a little sparkle! 
(See also: not-quite two year old wears four year old’s shoes.) 
Shooby's Shoes
He partied it up after the Ags win with Little C and the rest of the gang. 
Party Time
Those girls bring out his best fashion sense. 
There was some guy time, too, though. After lots of dirt and sticky muffins, it was bath time–sans extra clothes. 
To make up for Saturday’s missing clothes, he put on as many sets of socks and jammers as he could. 
Not pictured: one more pair of pants underneath
Not pictured: two (or more–I lost count) pair of socks underneath
He tested a mask or two while we party shopped. He decided he liked our original costume idea better.
It finally got cool enough for him to bust out his boots and jeans for a bit. 
Country Boy
Ultimately, he found a good balance between no clothes and too many clothes all on his own. 
No Pants
He even napped that way. 
Nap in a Cap

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