Shift the Vision

It doesn’t take much searching to find blogs, magazine articles, and status updates about the gloom and doom of parenting. Parenting an infant. Parenting a toddler. Parenting a school-aged child. Parenting a teenager.  Parenting a young adult. Gloom. Doom. 


Did it ever occur to those who are writing this stuff that maybe their attitude is wrong? 
Is parenting hard sometimes? Sure. 
Is it always hard? No. 
Are the hard times worth it? Absolutely! 

Happy Boy

Don’t write down every “bad” thing a child has done. Don’t post that for the record books. Unless it’s funny; then, by all means, share with the world! Record the good things. Train your brain to notice the good things–even if it takes some digging to get them out of the bad. Shift the vision.

I’m not talking fake it. I’m talking genuinely change the scope of things. See what a difference it might make as a family. Bad days, bad choices, and other “bad” moments will still occur. They’ll just be dressed a little differently.

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