Stuck Like Chuck

Ever opened a bag of marshmallows to find this? 
A while back, I set out to find a way to fix this. Turns out, the freezer is preventative (I haven’t used ’em since I froze ’em, so the jury’s still out on the results), but you can “fix’ them, too. 
Pull the marshmallows apart, and grab some confectioner’s sugar. Sprinkle the sticky marshmallows with the powdered sugar and then throw them in a bowl (I used the lid of the bowl as a surface to sprinkle on since it was going to get dirty anyway). 
Repeat until they’re all coated, close the bowl, and shake! 
The result? Re-fluffled marshmallows! 
No Stick
My taste-tester approved.
I tried it with some stuck mini-marshmallows, but it’s not worth it. They’re ninety-seven cents a bag, for Pete’s sake. I think I’ll just use these to make a s’mores bake (hopefully without the charring). 
Tiny Mallows
Once I have a need for the frozen ones, I’ll give an update on that method of non-stick-mallows.

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