Planting the Seeds

Two Sundays ago was Baby Gray’s last Sunday in the nursery. We have such wonderful ladies in the nursery who love and care for our children when we are attending and serving. They have loved our boy from the time he was tiny and didn’t know any different through a no-napping-although-it’s-desperately-needed stage, through two different bouts of separation anxiety, and on to a boy who walked himself in and thought he ran the show. He has grown so much during his time in the nursery.

I put together a little thank you for him to take to them that final Sunday morning. It was as much for me as for them; a way to create a definitive end to his nursery days in my mama brain. 

I used some super cute mini bags from Hobby Lobby and filled them with wildflower seeds. 


A little crease and a once-over from a glue stick sealed them up. 


I used different colors to write on each of them: 

Thank you for planting the seeds of Christ in me! 
Baby Gray

before placing them in a flower pot (it’s all about eye appeal). 

Flower Pot

Thank You

I wish we could have handed them to each teacher individually and thanked them all personally, but I was unable to do that. I hope they know from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am for them and the love they have poured into Baby Gray.

He stared his new class this Sunday, and it was so fun to have a talk sheet come home for us to discuss as a family. He’s in his own little class with crafts and projects. Where on earth did my baby go?

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