Oh, Sippy Cup, I Fill You Up

Here’s the thing: my kid is easy. I know that. He eats anything. He used one kind of bottle with no problem. He’s slept through the night most of his life. He’s easy. I get it. 
Unfortunately, there is one aspect where this does not apply: sippy cups. What? Yes, sippy cups. We’ve spent a gajillion dollars on sippy cups. He can open them, break them, make them leak, and do all other things that the cups advertise he shouldn’t be able to do. 
We started with a great transition cup. 
Great–until he figured out how to push the spout and make it leak. 
We moved on to a leak-proof, spill-proof sippy. 
Born Free
Of course, then figured out how to squeeze the spout to make it leak. 
Next up was a series of straw cups that he figured out how to bend to make air push the liquid out (not pictured because I already gave them all away). 
He shattered a few screw-top plastic cups somewhere in between. 
We finally settled on some cheap-o cups that were fabulous! 
Take n Toss
Nothing to pull, bend, shatter, or otherwise break. But–the lid doesn’t screw on, so he figured out how to open them. Another one down. 
We moved on to a series of water bottles, but he learned how to squeeze them and “squirt wa-wa” everywhere. 
Next up, a water bottle that didn’t leak and wasn’t squeezable. Hooray! What’d he do? Bite the spout in half. Yep. 
So, for now, we’re using these. 
They are leak-proof and shatter-proof. The tops screw on. There is no spout to bite or squeeze. The plastic is firm and can’t squeeze to squirt. The only foreseeable problem is the spouts hold a tiny bit of liquid, and Baby Gray flings it around. We’ll see what he thinks of next.


  1. They are both Playtex. The green one is 18 months and up, and it's insulated. I use it for milk. The green with blue lid is 24 months and up. It isn't insulated, so I use it for water. The insulated one has a deeper spout (holds more liquid for spilling), which I don't love, but I'm not a fan of his milk being in a cup that's not insulated.

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