Just for You

What started as a cute idea or two has quickly turned into my own personal creative challenge. I have always tried to give theme-y, thoughtful gifts, but lately, I’ve wanted the packaging to be part of the thought.
For KAS’s gift this weekend, Baby Gray picked out a pajama book for her–we usually start in the book section and work our way backward. I headed to get some jammers to add to it, and started thinking about packaging. I thought about making a travel bag of some sort, but I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. Finally it came to me–a pillowcase! 
I appliqued a K on the case and got ready to fill it. 
K Applique
Pillowcase Full Shot
In went the book and the jammers! Wrap it up with a bow, and it’s ready to give. 
All Wrapped Up
I love giving gifts and making it special for the recipient. Nothin’ like something just for you!

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