Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

There is a man who attends Revolution who has reminded me of Papa since I first laid eyes on him. I can never remember his name (I’ve asked on multiple occasions) because my brain just signals memories of my sweet grandfather–he drives a truck quite similar to the last one my grandfather owned; he dresses similarly; he teases the way Papa did. Down to his limp, he just reminds me of my grandfather.

I look forward to seeing him each week, if for no other reason than it sparks memories of Papa. This week, though, he came out of the service to stretch and walk a bit because his back was bothering him. He told me a little of his story while he was out in the lobby area. Before we were done talking, I had tears in my eyes. 
He told me the story of how he and his wife met. It was more than just a simple retelling, though. His eyes glistened, and he spoke of her with adoration–just the way Papa always spoke of Grammie. 
 Grammie & Papa
He recounted their first date, with her entire family, for dinner. He told me they’ll be married 50 years in December. He shared a little about his children and grandchildren–he sounded just like Papa always did when he talked about Dani, MK, and me. I bet he meets his friends for coffee and donuts and plays dominoes, too. 
I love that this man has helped me to keep the memories of Papa alive. I look forward to our visits each week.

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