It’s Easy Being Green

I’m a big fan of an organized pantry. I’m also a big fan of cool glass jars. The problem (for me) with re-using glass jars is that the manufacturers know the label can be pulled right off, so they put their product information all over the lid. 

Solution: spray paint. Spray paint is the answer to the world’s aesthetic problems. 


Barring impatience, this can be done very well. I, however, did not want to wait on this particular project, so you can see through some of my paint a little. 


I love the pop of color these add to my pantry, and they keep it organized simply and cheaply! 


Having trouble getting the labels off? WD-40


  1. Love the idea! I love being organized but the pantry is hard with a husband that doesn't have the same desire….You should post a picture of your pantry organization! 🙂

  2. I will definitely have to share a post about that; Mr. Gray doesn't really care if the pantry is organized or not, so I just try to make it as easy on him as possible.

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