Steer Clear

The sheer mention of Home Depot lights Baby Gray’s face up. You see, they have a race car shopping cart (or four) that we mistakenly allowed him to drive a month or so ago. It’s very similar to a cheer I remember from junior high, but more comical. We say, “Home Depot,” Baby Gray says, “Race car!” 

Race Car

He loves that thing! So much, in fact, that he cries when it’s time to go home. The first time, we just laughed it off and went home to find something else to play with. The second time, accompanied by repeats of “race car” until we actually got to Home Depot, was the same thing. 

This week, though, we had a plan! We would take him out of the race car and let him drive the “tractors” out in front of the store. We would move him to the car when he got finished.


This idea pretty much failed miserably. He was more than disappointed when he realized we were leaving the tractors. Next time we’ll need a new plan of attack–like staying home!

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