Unusual Suspects

It’s not hard to figure out we like to eat. Mostly, I cook like my daddy–complete with butter, cream, and the works. Sometimes, though, I try to be a little more health conscious than that. Take, for example, this macaroni and cheese. 
It passed my family’s taste test with flying colors, but it’s not completely filled with my usual suspects. 

You will need: 
Whole wheat pasta (or, if you’ve got picky eaters, Barilla Pasta Plus sneaks past ’em pretty well)
Fresh spinach
Grated cheese (I use an HEB brand three cheese blend of cheddar, Fontina, and one other) 

Cottage cheese

Flour, for thickening 
  • Prepare pasta as directed on the package
  • Add spinach to boiling pasta water
  • Drain water from spinach and pasta
  • Stir in grated cheese (to taste) until melted 
  • Fold in cottage cheese until most of the curds are melted
  • Add yogurt and milk as needed to adjust taste
  • Thicken with flour, if needed 
  • Stir well and serve warm 
I don’t love leftovers, but this was delicious the following day.

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