Homerun for Your Money

When baseball season rolls around, we try to make it to Kingsville to see WBT play. This year, Mr. Mischief is on a team, too. They played simultaneously, which was a bit of a challenge, but we got to see each of them hit a homerun (and earn a little cash from T-Paw for it)! 


At Bat

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of Mr. Mischief; Baby Gray hadn’t quite settled in when we were at that field. Baby Gray was all over the place while we watched WBT–eating snacks, picking up trash, trying to turn on the water, and who knows what else! 



We headed to Young’s to eat after the game, and the boys had so much fun talking and playing together. 


I asked for a repeat of our previous photo with the three of them outside Young’s, but Baby Gray wasn’t feelin’ it. He tried to run away, fell, and then cried through the photos.


More Crying

I sure miss those boys! We need to get down there more often.

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