The Very Hungry Toddler

Baby Gray has embarked on the world of diiiiiiiip. Some nights, he eats more dip than dinner. Usually it looks like this when he’s done.

After one such dinner this weekend, we took Baby Gray on a yogurt date. I’m pretty sure he would have been happier had I just filled his cup with at-aw instead of the rowurt (you know, strawberries instead of yogurt). He might be broken; he’s not usually big on ice cream, frozen yogurt, hotdogs, or other typical kid foods. He’ll eat ’em, but he can totally do without. I’ll take it. 
One thing he is big on? Wa-wa. Baby Gray loves water. He stood on the bridge admiring it, and then Mr. Gray put him on a big rock out in the water. It was like he had his own little island! 

Wa Wa


Makes me excited for swimming lessons this year. I think he’s going to have a blast!

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