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The Bloggess made an appearance in San Antonio last night. MommaBranam and I joined her (thanks for the invite) for a great time. Unfortunately, I’m super cool and preordered the e-book before I knew we were going, so that’s a Post It in my hand. Better than nothing, yes? 


I couldn’t remember ever going to any signings before. As we stood there in line, though, I remembered the time Papa took me to a Pat Green signing. What? Your grandfather took you to a Pat Green signing? Yep. 
I was in college. Pat Green used to play an annual gig in Waco, and we would go stay with my grandparents the weekend of the concert. I don’t remember if the signing was the same weekend as the concert or an isolated visit, but as Papa read the newspaper, he saw the signing was taking place when I would be in town and offered to take me. We waited in line, laughed, and talked. It was after Grammie passed away, so it was just he and I. It was such a sweet time.
I love that I got to think of that yesterday. It’s the little things that make me remember  he and Grammie. It wasn’t unusual to receive a clipped newspaper article from Grammie in the mail with a note to say I love you. I think that’s what makes me love the story of our trip to see Pat Green the most–the newspaper part. He and Grammie used the newspaper to love us. Something so simple, everyday, ordinary was used in great love. They were always thinking of us. It wasn’t just us, though, it was everyone. They lived their life thinking of others. I want to be that kind of person.

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