Pieces to the Puzzle

Sometimes when things just fall into place, we forget the little pieces that got us there. We forget that it’s still a story God wrote with a purpose, and that it was carefully penned to bring us to where we are supposed to be. I was brainstorming for a project I saw on Pinterest the other day, and it reminded me of an integral piece of our puzzle as Mr. and Mrs. Gray.

Once upon a time, Mr. Gray was a freshman and I was a sophomore–in high school, that is. We broke up for a stint because I was pretty interested in “us” being for the long haul, and Mr. Gray was pretty interested in being a high school boy. A month from the day we broke up, I knew we were both scheduled to be at the airport, Mr. Gray on his way home from a world series tournament in Tennessee, me on my way out to see my cousin. Because we had been broken up, I didn’t know times, details, etc., I just knew the day was common. 

Let me just say, for the record and all, I had been pretty dramatic about the break up; I was more than certain we were supposed to be together. I was sixteen. That doesn’t always go over well. Regardless of what anyone else thought, though, I was convinced. The night before the possible airport encounter (we hadn’t spoken at all in that month span), I prayed very specifically that if we were supposed to talk again we would see each other.

As my mom drove me to the airport, my eyes were fixed on the passing cars (I had decided to take “see each other” very literally; seeing their vehicle would count, too). The key point to the rest of our story was at a stoplight in Lockhart. Mr. Gray and his dad were stopped at the same intersection we were. I hopped on my Nokia (the one with the interchangeable face plates; you know you had one, too) and dialed him up. The rest, as they say, is history. 


Astros Game

While that month is pretty insignificant in the big picture, when I told someone that story a few months ago, it was so neat to see how carefully God orchestrated the whole scene. It was the first time I had truly reflected what that prayer meant for me.


  1. I found your blog from Take the Cannoli's link up. Love your story! Isn't it so amazing to know that God orchestrated your love story?! I love that about ours too! 🙂
    Sarah Nicole


  2. What an awesome testimony to patience, obedience, and the Lord giving you your heart’s desires. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it. Amazing!

    I’m so glad to have found your blog! I am over at graceforgayle.blogspot.com, I hope to read more about you! Come over and visit me, too, I’d love to have you.

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