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I love when people share things that work great for them. So, I’m returning the favor.

First, let me share about the miracle that has transformed Baby Gray’s room from stinky to any ol’ room in the house. 


Yep, coffee. Individual filter packs, specifically. We drop a filter pack in the bottom of his diaper pail, and it totally neutralizes the odor. They seem to last quite a while, too. We’re on the same filters from over a month ago. Yay, stink-free room! 

Next, I’ll share another item to add to your laundry list of uses for vinegar. Vinegar does all sorts of great things, including kill mold spores. Baby Gray can eat his weight in berries, but sometimes they start to mold if he doesn’t eat them fast enough (I buy quite a few on Mondays to make it through the week). 

So, when I get the berries home on Mondays, I drop them in a sink full of water and add a little vinegar to it (just enough for the smell to stick around a little, not enough to overwhelm the berries). I drop them in a colander, rinse, and store them in the colander in the fridge. 


They store fabulously, and they’re rinsed and ready for Baby Gray when he wants them!

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