Half Full

Happy half-birthday to Baby Gray! 
Half Birthday
This crazy looking iPhone photo (my good camera is in the shop; sad story) sort of summarizes our lazy day at home. We’re playing catch up from a busy weekend and letting him just be a kid!
I can’t believe he is already so old–it has flown by.
At 18 months, he’s got a whole bag full of tricks.
  • He’s pretty verbal; he has a word for most nouns along with a some others.
  • He loves to eat! We’re slowing wading into the toddler picky phase, but he does pretty well most of the time.
  • He loves electronics–if it has a button, he’ll take it! 
  • Any time I make a phone call, he thinks we’re calling Annie to FaceTime.
  • He loves to drive or ride bikes.
  • He cleans up his toys and puts away his dirty clothes when asked.
  • He can follow one-step directions.
 I know there’s more, but I’m at a loss. He learns so much each day and is always doing new things. I love watching him grow and change! 

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