No Pea Brain Here

To celebrate Baby Gray’s 18 month milestone, we headed to see Dr. Miller for a well check. He played with the nurse’s thermometer most of the appointment; it has an Elmo sticker on it. We did finally get him to participate in a few of the developmental screenings sans Elmo. He earned another book; this one is filled with all his favorite animals.  He read it to me while we waited for Dr. Miller (then he stacked the blocks he wouldn’t stack for the nurse).


She was equally as pleased and sent us on our way with one flu shot to boot. He took it like a champ! 
He weighs 28 pounds, 12 ounces, which is in the 83rd percentile. He’s 33 inches long, which is the 71st percentile. His big ol’ brain is housed in a 19.5 inch head–the 90th percentile! 

We a few errands and headed home to play before nap time–which almost took place in his swing!


Oh, and this morning when I put this shirt on him, he said, “Aggie. Touchdown!” I cracked up. At least someone has some hope for the Ags in their first SEC season. But I digress…


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