I Love You S’more!

When I set out on my quest to find a cute valentine for Baby Gray to give to his friends, I struggled with just what I wanted to do. I pulled inspiration from his Halloween treats, and came up with these cute s’mores.

They were super simple; next year, he can probably do almost all of it himself. Who am I kidding? There will be no repeat valentines
We gathered our supplies:
Graham crackers
Hershey’s miniatures (only the plain milk chocolate pieces are needed) 
Cellophane bags
Stickers (optional)
Curling ribbon (not pictured)



Then we assembled the bags: 
  • Break one graham cracker in half to make two squares 
  • Add graham cracker pieces, three HeartMallows, and one milk chocolate bar to the bag
  • Tie and curl the ribbon to seal 
  • Decorate with stickers if desired 
We haven’t made our cards yet, but some of the ideas I’m toying with are: 
I like you s’more every day! 
We’ll be friends forever s’more! 
I love you s’more than words can say!

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