If The Dress Fits…

… make your husband arrange New Year’s Eve plans! 

Seriously, Mr. Gray and I had no big plans for New Year’s Eve (and probably wouldn’t have) until I bought this lovely dress I had been eye-balling. It was on sale, it fit, I had a gift certificate or two, so I bought it and quite a bit of other stuff. The only issue here was that the dress was sequin. There’s only one universally acceptable occasion for a sequin dress: New Year’s Eve. So, Mr. Gray accepted his challenge and set up dinner reservations in Austin. Our beloved babysitter came through, too! She’s a rockstar!
We walked on South Congress for a bit, had some coffee (I even got half-caf instead of decaf for our big night out), and finally went into Snack Bar–they had Audrey on their big screen. Love. 

Such & DD were able to meet us for dinner at Perla’s. The guys went a while back, but neither of us could join, so we were glad to finally get to go. We enjoyed some actual champagne from Champagne, good food, and good conversation. The waitress had to come let us know it was almost midnight. Oops! We celebrated with the kitchen staff and our waitress. They even gave us some sparkly headbands.



We had a great evening, and I’m so glad we decided to go out. Even if I didn’t get a good photo of my dress. And, even if the oyster bar was out of oysters.

Sunday morning, we headed to Revolution (thanks for the memories, Vision 2012) and then to lunch with great friends. We packed away all the Christmas gear when we got home. It’s always a little sad to put it away, but I was glad to have a clean home (even though it looks rather empty now) to start the new year. 

Christmas Clean Up

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