A New ‘Do

This morning, Baby Gray and I headed out to get his first hair cut. I love his long hair, but it was getting stringy and uneven. We headed to Luling first thing this morning. I was prepared for the worst when we headed that way–I had books, snacks, and some toys to distract him, just in case. 

When we got there, he waited very patiently until Raven was ready for him. He looked around at the new surroundings.

 He read the newspaper.



When it was time to get a haircut, we let him look at the seat and his cape. He checked it all out before getting settled in like a big boy. 

Getting Ready

He thought the booster was pretty neat. He was proud to be sitting in such a big chair by himself. We talked about the cape as we put it on, and Raven showed him the water before she got his hair wet. He was a little startled, but he did fine. He didn’t even notice her cutting, really. I had to hold his hands or get a high five a few times because he was trying to rub his hands through his hair, but that was really all. 



I was so impressed with how well he did. He looked at himself in the mirror when we were done, and was so proud as everyone told him what a good job he did. 

All Finished!


We got a cute little certificate with a lock or two of his hair attached to save. I can’t believe we’ve already had our first haircut! Time flies!

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