Roll ’em Up!

Roll ’em up! Throw ’em in the pan!

If you believe everything you see on Pinterest, and I do, you’ll know that you can put pretty much anything into a crescent roll.


Last week, I needed a quick, easy dinner. I browned some ground beef, added some diced tomatoes (drained), and stirred in a couple cups of grated mozzarella. I scooped the mixture onto a crescent roll, rolled it up, and voila!
I’ve also rolled bacon and cheese in a crescent for a quick breakfast for Baby Gray and I. Pinterest is right, you can put anything in there! 

We had mashed potatoes with our homemade hot pockets. If you have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and you’re not using it for mashed potatoes, do yourself a favor and try it. They can be as smooth or chunky as you want with anything you want mixed in. 

For this particular dinner, I had some leftover red potatoes. I cubed and boiled them (peel on), added them to the mixing bowl and put milk, butter, yogurt, salt, and pepper. I wanted them a little more chunky, so I didn’t mix them as fast or as long.


This was a super fast and easy dinner. We froze the leftover hot pockets, and they’ll reheat easily for a lunch.

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