The Ghost of Thanksgivings Past

By past, I mostly mean I wanted to get pumped up for the game this evening. After all, that’s what Thanksgiving is really about, right? Football. 

Kidding. Sort of. 

Remember I’m the Aggie that was never meant to be. I wasn’t going to be into all this stuff. 

Yell 2006

Yep, that’s me at the Capitol for Midnight Yell in 2006. Yell at the Capitol is crazy. Police guard the area, Sips stand all around the edges and heckle. It’s an experience for sure! Auntie Heather and I went shopping right after Yell for Black Friday. Then we slept an hour or two and headed to the game (this was when the game was still on Friday). 



The game was in College Station in 2007. Auntie Heather came to visit, tailgate, and go to the game. Mr. Gray and I managed to take identical photos both before and after the game. Talent.

A time warp happened in both 2008 and 2009. No photos or stories exist for these two years. Actually, I’m pretty sure we didn’t go to the game in 2008, and the photos from 2009 are lost somewhere between my external hard drive, the old MacBook and the current MacBook. By lost, of course, I mean I didn’t feel like looking and I couldn’t find any on Facebook.

Sip Game 2010

Then there’s last year. My family was having Thanksgiving in Austin, so we ate and left Baby Gray (maybe for the first time; at least for the first long time) with Annie and Aunt Cookie, and headed to DKR. We met up with Honey’s family to tailgate a little and warm up by the “fire” before heading into the stadium. I’ve been cold many times in my sporting event career, but last year’s game was cold. On the positive side, we got some more photo documentation of Mr. Gray’s ‘stache! 

This year, we’re back in College Station. It’s anyone’s game. BTHO tu!

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  1. 2008 and 2009 are probably those years you don't want pictures out there of what happens. It happens to all of us every so often. Happy thanksgiving and the Aggies are probably going to lose today.



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